Our Trainers

Our trainers are actively involved in several aspects of Agroecology.

Olivier Baudry

Trees lover since his youth, Olivier Baudry is a Self Employed Forestry Expert. He started his Agency in Forest management and expertise which activities are Sustainable Forest management in Belgium, France and Germany; Forest Property Valuation as well as health and protection of trees in an urban environment.

Vincent Gobbe

Vincent GOBBE is a forestry agricultural engineer. He quickly become Pioneer of Organic Agriculture and Compost in Belgium. Passionate about his field he is even more passionate about the transmission of his vast knowledge on these subjects.

Fanny Lebrun

Fanny Lebrun initiated the Cycle en Terre project in 2014. The objectives of that cooperative is food autonomy through the production of organic fruits and vegetable seeds in Belgium.

Alain Peeters

Alain Peeters is an agronomist and an agro-ecologist (Master and PhD in Agricultural Engineering) trained at the University of Louvain (Belgium). He has an extensive theoretical and ground knowledge in general agronomy and ecology.

Michael Dossin

Michaël Dossin is an actor of Transition. Horticultural technician by trade, this Nature lover specialised into natural, post-petrol, vegetable production. He is a coach as well as in charge of the fruit and vegetable garden of the Permacultural Farm of Haute Desnié.

Sacha Guégan

After several training in Vegetable Production and Permaculture, Sacha has taken an active role in the Bec Hellouin Farm, is a certified trainer in Permaculture as well as designer of Permacultural areas.

Frédéric Morand

Frederic Morand after long years of studies, trainings, projects and travelling has founded a local cooperative in Anderlecht Belgium aimed at local vegetable production, social entrepreneurship and resilience.

Pascal Colomb

Pascal Colomb is an experti in Biodiversity friendly projects and facilities development. After studying at UCL and developing a spin-off producing indigenous plant seeds, he specialised in guidance to integrate projects in the environment.