Level 1: Basics of agroecology (Introduction to agroecology)

Level 1: Basics of agroecology (Introduction to agroecology)


Level 0. Basic knowledge of agronomy in terms of soil, crops, livestock, cultivation and livestock farming techniques, farming systems and their development throughout history, ecological infrastructure, biodiversity in agriculture, the crisis of conventional agriculture. Holders of a Master’s degree in agroecology or equivalent are exempt from this course by default.

Course objectives

Acquiring a good understanding of the basic concepts of agroecology.

Course content and teaching methods

  • First group meeting:
    • You will receive a folder with a ‘Who’s who’ (Participants’ and teachers’ curriculum vitae, description of participants’ projects, addresses), schedule with dates and times of classes, etc.
    • Oral introduction of participants and teachers (Curriculum vitae and goals).
  • Classes will cover the following key topics:
    • Agroecology definition and history
    • Agroecology principles and practice
    • Agroecology and other agricultural systems. Differences and common ground between agroecology, organic agriculture and permaculture.
    • Transition towards agroecology
    • Design of the agroecological system
    • Techniques for observing plots, animals and the environment in general
    • Presentation of concrete examples of agroecology
    • The agroecology movement
    • Agroecology as the way forward for agriculture
  • During workshops, each participant’s projects is characterised in terms of principles and practices of agroecology.
  • Further reading on the course topics will be suggested according to each participant’s needs.
  • One to one Skype chats will be offered after this further reading (1 hour per student).
  • Practical exercises and field visits will consolidate the concepts taught in the course.

The course

  • Duration: 48 hours or 4 sesssions of one and a half day.
  • Number of participants: 30 (maximum)
  • Location: Château de Famelette Wanze, Belgium

Price: €900 (excl. VAT)*, €1089 (incl. 21% VAT)

*Meals are included.

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Training content

  • Observation
  • Theory

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