Level 0: Foundation course (Introduction to agronomy)

Level 0: Foundation course (Introduction to agronomy)


None. Agronomists and bioengineers are exempt from this level by default.


Learning the basics of agronomy, essential to understand the material in level 1 and beyond.

Course content and teaching methods

  • First group meeting:
    • You will receive a folder with a ‘Who’s who’ (Participants’ and teachers’ curriculum vitae, description of participants’ projects, addresses), schedule with dates and times of classes, etc.
    • Oral introduction of participants and teachers (Curriculum vitae and goals).
  • Classes will cover the following key topics:
    • Soil: physics, chemistry and biodiversity
    • Soil organic matter dynamics
    • Nutrient cycles
    • Organic matter and fertilisers
    • Crops and livestock
    • Cultivation and livestock farming techniques
    • History of agriculture
    • Farming systems
    • Ecological infrastructure
    • Biodiversity in agriculture and its role in the functioning of ecosystems
    • The crisis in conventional agriculture
    • Challenges for the future of agriculture: soil degradation and erosion, landscape and ecosystem simplification, climate change, globalisation, energy crisis, water resources, etc.
  • Further reading on these topics will be suggested according to each participant’s needs.
  • One to one Skype chats will be offered after this further reading (1 hour per student).
  • Practical exercises and field visits will consolidate the concepts taught in the course.

The Course

  • Length : 48 hours or 4 sessions of one and a half day.
  • Number of participants: 30 (maximum)
  • Location : Château de Famelette, Wanze, Belgium

Price: €900 (HTVA)*, €1.089 (incl. 21% VAT)

*Meals are included.

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Training Content

  • Observation
  • Theory

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