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The Exceptional Training Week on Agroecology initiated the activities of AGROTOPIA in May 8 – 12, 2017. This week included a conference by Prof. Miguel Altieri (University of California at Berkeley, USA) on Monday 8. About 200 participants reached this conference in the magnificent setting of Naxhelet Golf Course. The main training programme attracted 40 people including about one third from Latin America, one third of Belgian and one third of non-Belgian Europeans from seven countries from Bulgaria to Ireland. Training was delivered by Prof. Miguel Altieri, Clara Nicholls (Berkeley, USA) and Alain Peeters (RHEA, Belgium) in the prestigious site of the Famelette Castle (Wanze, Belgium) and also on the field in several agroecological farms. The diversity of participants induced a warm and magic atmosphere. A very good start for AGROTOPIA!

Our vision


‘Conventional’ agriculture has brought about incredible production increase which would have been unimaginable at the beginning of the 20th century. However, we are now seeing that it is reaching its limits. And so we need to consider new techniques and agricultural systems that are profitable and take place in a regenerative process both for nature and for humanity.

As we become aware of this situation as a society, we are seeing more and more individuals and businesses turning to agroecology and permaculture as viable alternatives. We aim to support this expansion through a scientific and practical approach.

Mission and ambition


Agrotopia’s mission is to contribute to the emergence of new agroecological initiatives through research-development, training and coaching of project leaders. The objective is sharing agroecological practices with project leaders who can then put them into practice in their own context.

3 key points:


Designing and developing agroecology and permaculture practices in the field.


Training project leaders through courses introducing them to these practices.


Supporting course participants right through to their project implementation by personal coaching.

Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I will remember,
Involve me and will I understand.
Step back and I will act

Liu Xiang circa 818 AD, in the Xun Zi

A novel approach to teaching Agroecology

A progressive approach in 6 key modules

Level 0: Foundation and perspective
Level 1: The basics of agroecology
Level 2: Advanced
Level 3: Practitioner
Level 4: Certified instructor
Level 5: Project coaching

Modules focussing on practice

Teaching based on scientific

  • From soil science to human and social sciences,
  • From ecology to agricultural sciences,
  • From specialised science to holistic approaches,
  • Techniques adapted to the context and not the other way around, for sustainable development.

Their say

Agrotopia’s partners

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